Mini Pulse III

ABI's Newest Laser Alternative
available in 3 Packages

Package #1 comes complete with

  • Weld Pencil
  • 3 Different Size Weld Tips with 2 Sizes of Electrodes
  • Contact Pad
  • Carbon Overlay
  • Brass Jaw Pliers Assembly
  • Tweezers Assembly
  • Cross Lock Tweezers Assembly
  • Alligator Clip Assembly
  • Foot Switch
  • Weld Pencil Stand
  • Argon Gas Regulator
  • Opti-Saver Instant Darkening Flash Shield

$ 2,700.00

Package #2 comes without

  • Argon Gas Regulator
  • Weld Pencil Stand
  • Opti-Saver Instant Darkening
    Flash Shield

$ 2,450.00

No Frills Package #3 $1,900.00

comes without the following:

  • Gas gauge or regulator on the unit
  • Any gas connections, plumbing or gas valve
  • Weld Pencil Stand
  • Opti-Saver Instant Darkening Flash Shield

This package includes 2 weld tips instead of 3 (#1 & #2)                          

This Mini Pulse III unit is rated 12000 MFD vs. 17,000 MFD and has a pulse cycle time of 1 per second instead 2 per second

NOTE: This unit can be upgraded at any time in the future to the full Mini Pulse III. This will include Power output, Cycle Time, Gas Regulator, Gauge, Gas Ports, Gas Valve, Third Weld Tip, Opti-Saver and Tack Regulator for $925.00 FOB the factory.

No Frills ABI Mini Pulse III